Persian Cardinal

title: I Fly
artist: Birdbrain
catalog: PERS 001

Heat  1:09
Sea Cow  1:02
Mehran  1:18
A Dream of Things  3:44
Confection of Sound  2:05
Wind in the Sun  3:15
Not for Me  1:29
Stop It  2:41
I Fly  2:26
I Hear It on the Vine  2:48

Now available for purchase online at Wayside Music

and Triage International is distributing I Fly
to stores nationwide, including the following:

Kim's Video & Music (Manhattan, NY)
Other Music (Manhattan, NY)
Etherea (Manhattan, NY)
Earwax (Brooklyn, NY)
Sound Fix (Brooklyn, NY)
Newbury Comics (Boston, MA)
Twisted Village (Cambridge, MA)
Bull Moose (Portsmouth, NH)
Spaceboy Music (Philadelphia, PA)
Vinyl Fever (Tallahassee, FL)
Reckless Records (Chicago, IL)
Hard Boiled Records (Chicago, IL)
Waterloo Records (Austin, TX)
33 Degrees Records (Austin, TX)
Amoeba Records (San Francisco, CA)
Rhino Records (Los Angeles, CA)
Wall of Sound (Seattle, WA)
Music Millennium (Portland, OR)

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