Bloomington Music Tree
Daisybrain Media's timeline chart of the Underground Music Scene in Bloomington, Indiana from 1979 to 1997. (New GIF file size is only 97k.)

 Michael Evans
Sound sorcerer and percussionist extraordinaire; flitted with Birdbrain from 2003 to 2005.

 Kerosene Kream
Kwirky-jerky kombo based in Stockholm, Sweden. Check out their cover of The Dancing Cigarettes' "Pop Doormat" on Youtube. It's wild!

 The Mary Janes
Velvety underground rock. And Janas Hoyt sez, "Punk in Bloomington in the '80s was small but had some phenomenal bands..."

 Musical Family Tree
MFT preserves, documents, and promotes Indiana music of all kinds, past and present.

 The Panics
The Best Band in Bloomington???

 Phil Reavis
This supreme string-plucker joined up with several former Dancing Cigarettes to form the Mad Hatters, Ten Cat Halos, Latent Chaos, and the Rosebloods.

 The Shiners
Former Dirtballers, Wes & Jyl Freed, ride shotgun into the southern sun. They work hard; they play hard; they drink like fish. God love 'em.

 The Sway Machinery
The Brooklyn Rail sez "The songs are centered around the biting finger-style, Telecaster licks of Jeremiah [Lockwood], whose influences sound heavily John Lee Hooker-inspired, but with a distinctive Ashkenazi sensibility. Rockabilly meets the Lower East Side schtetl."

 The Weisstronauts
Once upon a time in Bloomington, Emily Jackson drummed up Sally's Dream. Now, she taps the tubs in Boston.

35 odd years ago, Bloomington, Indiana had WQAX, a wild, freeform cable-only radio station with about 25 odd listeners at any given moment. Some of these QAXers dreamed of a day when they could broadcast this stuff. After more than a decade of wrangling and haggling with landlords and the FCC, WFHB was born. And, no matter where YOU are, you can listen in online.

The music of The Dancing Cigarettes, Large Door, and Saint Ballantine have cluttered the airwaves emanating from this most excellent radio station in Noo Joizy.

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