From the disk of G. Don Trubey

Foreign Score Corp. is a clearing house for every band or musical pie I've ever had my dirty little fingers in.

Most, if not all, of this stuff is probably unknown to you. Some of it is over thirty years old. Some of it was recorded last Thursday.

There's something here for the whole damn family... Punk for Junior, Pop for Sis, Mambos for Mom, and full-blown gut-wrenching Noise for Pop. And this music is guaranteed* to send your mind and body to a weird and wonderful place.

You may find yourself at Heaven's Gate or, as one listener reported, stumbling around downtown Cleveland. So check out the band pages, and if you see something you like, buy the hell out of it.**

What instruments do I play?
Jeckelphone (alto sax), Guitar, Drums, Voice, Bass, Uke, Flute, Loops

About Me?
Musician, Producer, Perceptual doorman, Graphic artist, Hikikomori

What bands have I been in?
High School jazz band plus all others in the "Bands" Menu (above)

What city am I from?
Bluffton, Bloomington, Brooklyn (currently)

* DISCLAIMER: Not an actual, money-back guarantee. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for bent fabric, air lunch, neighborious discharge, parallel barking, acid flashbacks, synapse collapse, involuntary bowling, sync leaks, missing links, cabin seizures, vertiginous flux, spinal tufts, hubris tumors, randy torso, shock rot, pie pitch, split fits, inure face, sustain decay, uncontrollable listing, or redness around the aural inputs.

** Currently, only a few of the items featured here are for sale... To find out what's available, see the BUY STUFF page. For updates, see the FOSCOCO NEWS page.

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