Dann Baker: bass, guitar + Damian Leibold: drums, percussion
Tim Noe: guitar, sax, bass + Don Trubey: sax, guitar

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Gordon Trubey

The group plays free head arrangements reminiscent of Albert Ayler or Archie Shepp, but with rock instrumentation. Dann Baker, of the legendary longtime psychedelic/power-pop group Love Camp 7, plays his 60s' Jazzmaster up front, sometimes playing bass, always providing solid melodic lines and a groovy bottom. Tim Noe and Gordon Trubey, both interchanging on guitar and sax, were initially in the Bloomington, Indiana band The Dancing Cigarettes, a group whose sole album is in the "seminal" section of Kim's Music & Video in the East Village. The two of them, with drummer Damian Liebold— who plays with a great Mingus-like feel, yelling out changes— create an exciting cacophony that has as much rock sensibility as free jazz, especially with Dann Baker's Kinks-ish, soulful chops behind them. Sometimes it feels like a meeting between Booker T. & The MG's and the early MC5 or the Stooges, circa Fun House.

      ~ Scott Aldrich ~ The Brooklyn Rail ~ March 2001