7-October-2002 post: by G. Don Trubey:
The 1980-1981: Gulcher Recordings CD has been released; see the Dancing Cigarettes Reviews page.

11-September-2002 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at The CBGB Lounge (313 Bowery St. in NYC) Sunday, October 6 at 7pm. Also on the bill: Curtis Hasselbring's New Mellow Edwards at 8pm, The William Hooker Quartet at 9pm, plus more freestyle jazz at 10 and 11pm.

12-May-2002 post:
Updated the navigation system throughout the site. Minor touchups on all pages. Added some pix of the reclusive Uncle Roy (at bottom of this page).

17-February-2002 post:
More bellies 'n snouts in the PORK BARREL including a Captain Beefheart tribute page with posters, pix, and mp3s.

10-February-2002 post:
Hours after I sent a hastily scrawled email account of the excellent Beefheart Project show at the Knitting Factory to Graham Johnston at Beefheart.com, it appeared in the "Up Sifter" update section. Keep an eye out for Gary Lucas's Fast 'n Bulbous. (In NYC's East Village, the band will be at Tonic— Friday, March 15.)

12-October-2001 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at The Red Room (425 E. 31st Street in Baltimore, MD) Saturday, November 10 at 8:30pm.

19-June-2001 post:
Added a new page: PORK BARREL. The Barrel contains non-band items like "Born On Dating Service." (There are other birthday lists on the Net, but this one's just a little different.)

21-January-2001 post:
Comin' up: Birdbrain at The Parkside Lounge Saturday, February 3 at 9pm. Also on the bill: Alice Cohen (of Espadrille), Heaven (luscious gnome clusters), Fight Evil With Evil (metallic rites of wrong). And all this for 4 bucks!

16-September-2000 post:
Added a new page of links— X-LINKS— that are not directly related to FoScoCo, but definitely distant cousins. The link on the LINKS page links to the X-LINKS links.

12-May-2000 post:
Major Overhaul reporting for duty. Yes, ALL pages are now more eye spanking, and the DANCING CIGARETTES page has been replaced by a brand new, airlocks-open SUBSITE.

1-April-2000 post:
More junk on the APRIL FOOLES page. Grease Bombs Away... No foolin'.

11-January-2000 post:
Mark your calendar... Reschedule your vacation... An EVENT is being planned for March 4th... An Evening of Crackpot! at the Ship's Mast in Brooklyn... Love Camp 7, Sway Machinery, NoBySCo, Birdbrain, Ken Firpo's Rent Explosion, The Saurus, and more.

3-January-2000 post:
Phil Reavis asks,"Are you going to have some RealAudio or mp3s?" (Yeah, audio files... that would make sense, right?) OK... I'll put up as many as this 5-meg mini-site will hold... soon... very soon... or later.

1-January-2000 post:
The FoScoCo site is up!

31-December-1999 post:
Final countdown... packing pixels... splitting hairs... Gonna ring in the new whatever at the Pratt Institute where Chief Engineer Conrad Milster sets up about a dozen cochlea-conking steam whistles in the courtyard. "The three steam driven generators are the oldest such machines known to be operating in the northeast area of the United States." Gonna get lost in a champagne cloud.

22-December-1999 post:
FoScoCo Online is pretty much ready to go... Some of the band pages are still "brick walls." And I've decided NOT to title this site, "Whizzers & Looners," as Uncle Roy suggested. I'll upload this doodah when I get back from Indiana.

16-December-1999 post:
Just got Uncle Roy's band notes. A couple months ago, I realized that I didn't have any published text (reviews and whatnot) for some of the band pages, so I contacted Roy by mail at General Delivery, Kalamazoo, MI. He doesn't have a phone... or indoor plumbing as far as I know. (Don't bother writing. He rarely answers my letters, and I'm, he claims, his "bestest buddy.") To make a short story longer, I met Uncle Roy about two decades ago at
WQAX in Bloomington, IN. I was down at the station one afternoon, locating some vinyl for my "Little Chapel of Madness" show, and I heard this wild commotion in the booth... Roy was all over the mic, rocking on his heels, and some disheveled street dude was vociferously croaking along to a Johnny Cash tune. After the show, I introduced myself and found out that the "street dude" was a rootless, travelin' man named Philip Oliver who became a semi-regular on "Uncle Roy's Time Machine" when he wandered into the station looking for food. I also found out that Roy had worked at a radio station I grew up listening to— WOWO in Fort Wayne. Apparently, according to Uncle Roy, he was a janitor there in the late '50's and early '60's, then an "on-air personality" on the "Little Red Barn" show... for one week... when he was fired for being "drunk" on the job. His drunkenness, according to Uncle Roy, was caused by "a handful o' big, fat ol' Peyote buttons. Oh, my... heh-heh, yayah."

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