Short Shots

Soho News  •  NYC  •  August 11, 1981

Our first taste of Indiana's revenge.


photos by Aran Brewer

by RJ Smith
Buffalo Courier-Express  •  May 28, 1982

The Dancing Cigarettes are a squirrelly band. They honk and bleat and do their best to annoy. But unlike some bands that aim to displease, the Cigs know how to make friends, too. During their last visit to Buffalo, one satisfied local felt compelled to bite the wall while the band was playing at Mister Goodbar in March. There's just no telling what people will do when they get excited.

John Terrill

Take It Magazine  •  June 1982

Hit me in the nose as hard as you can.


Kansas City Pitch  •  July 1982

The Dancing Cigarettes cultivate the best in the creative New Wave while chomping off their own landscape of music— tightly choreographed complex rhythms, alto and tenor saxes, bass, synth, male and female voices, and electric guitars. Their energy is as boundless as their chain smoking.
  - Don Trubey Deconstruction -  
"There's no explanation for passion. There's going to be a big explosion!" howled lead singer Michael Gitlin during a Cigs set at the Music Box last month. Later, the band fell into a Lounge Lizardesque number entitled "Swank," with swinging, pulsating bass (Emily Bonus) and cheesy sax lines (Timothy Noe). The Dancing Cigarettes have developed a NO EGO, multi-layered, up-tempo, rapidly shifting rock/pop/jazz music.

Gordon Trubey

Ivan Stang
Church of the SubGenius  •  August 1981


You're doing FOR REAL music

in an age of DOO DOO tunes.

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